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classical music, jazz

musics   2 rondpoint de plainpalais   1205 genève suisse - switzerland
+41 22 3200843  postmaster@musicsgeneva.com


Nous sommes spécialisés en musique classique et jazz depuis 14 ans. 

Plus de 20'000 références en stock, rares et épuisées.
Déstockages et soldes. 

For over 14 years we have specialized in locating rare, hard to find classical and jazz music.  We now carry second-hand CD's, LPs and DVDs in many genres including pop, rock, funk, hip hop and electro, into one of the most unique assortment of classical CDs you will find 
anywhere on the planet!  

Remember to bookmark us for all your rare, out of print, 
difficult to find CDs, music and specialty items.